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I've had a life-long interest in martial arts. In the past I did 2 years of both Aikido and Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, and then 3 years of Tai Kwondo. Since 2016 I've had the great honor to train in Southern Shaolin Hung Ga with 8th Dan Sifu Sharif Bey at the Syracuse Branch of Yees Hung Ga, under the lineage of Grandmaster Frank Yee -- > Tang Fung --> Wong Fei Hung. I continue my studies with Sifu Sharif via Zoom. I'm also advanced in Buddhist meditation practice, a certified kickboxing instructor, and now beginning to learn a new branch of Kung Fu and Tai Chi with Master Wu in Providence at The Way of the Dragon. What I love most about Kung Fu is its holistic approach to life, energy, and well-being: A good martial art school isn't just a gym and work out - it's a way of life - it changes your life.

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