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Leveraging Faculty Expertise: Faculty Fellows

Capitalizing on campus knowledge pools to expand the reach of support centers.

A commonly overlooked reservoir of expertise for faculty training and support is the faculty themselves. Each university has a set of faculty that lead the innovation pathway on educational technology, eLearning and software use in hybrid and online courses. Capitalizing on faculty expertise expands a centers' reach and support. Providing these faculty special recognition offers them a venue for collegiate sharing of their excellence through peer-to-peer support between faculty on the use of emerging technology.

I have designed and implemented several such programs in the past. The programs included a stipend, faculty recognition, and direct support. In return the faculty provided peer-faculty support and training on the tools they had expertise in. Below are two programs I implemented, as well as the podcast interview with the TLTC team about it after inception of the Faculty Fellows program.

  1. Tech Stars

    • 2013 - 2015

    • Higher Colleges of Technology

    • Abu Dhabi, UAE

  2. Faculty Fellows

Podcast about the SUNY Oneonta Faculty Fellows program I implemented:

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