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Participation Incentivization

Initiatives that jump-start participation and engagement in PD and support programs.

A common challenge for teaching and learning centers at universities is low attendance to professional development, training, and other support events. Faculty are busy with heavy research and workloads and their schedules vary widely. It is essential to ensure that programing holds value for their limited time. Incentivizing event and program attendance encourages greater participation.

However, limited funding and state funding policies can be barriers to many incentivizing programs. In collaboration with my teams we have developed many incentive programs for faculty, including (but not limited to): 1) Collect that cool free swag at conferences to give out as gifts and prizes. 2) Stipends for participation.3) Recognition of excellence through published and publicized podcast, video or blog posts and interviews.4) Leveraging faculty leaders and expertise programs (see that portfolio category)5) Support to attend professional events or training of interest/need.6) Certifications for competency completion7) Badging programs

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