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Build a School in a Maasai Village

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

A group of friends in Paris joined me in 2007 on a 5-year project to raise money to support a Maasai village educational project in Kenya.

The goal was simple: support their project to build a new primary school.

I visited both Kenya and Tanzania in 2010, and on that trip visited this village. And I returned to visit it again in 2012. They are a wonderful and inviting community.

The village is near Loitokitok, Kenya, in the shadow of Mt. Kilimanjaro. The head Maasai warrior, some day destined to be the village leader, told me of his work and endeavors to modernize village life without losing contact with those fundamental cultural ties and traditions that bonded them as a community.

The current school itself was a hut. There were two teachers for 100+ students, two chalkboards, and they were almost out of chalk. They were in need of a new primary school where students will have better access to learning.

We ran charity events for this project (such as benefit dinners, benefit concerts, and singles speed dating events, and ran a silent auction) over 5 years and successfully raised $11,000 which was donated to these and other similar Maasai village projects.

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