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Effective iPad Methods in Education

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

A colleague, Dr. Roudaina Houjeir, and myself have researched current pedagogical methods with teachers using iPads in the classroom at HCT.

What Apps are Faculty Using?

We have published the surveyed best practices and curricular methods at this link. We hope to grow this mLearning training resource further in the coming year.

The page at this link hosts the interviews with HCT faculty that have been effectively utilizing iPads in their classrooms for at least a year. The goal was and is to provide a collection of best practices, effective methods, and key activities that currently practicing teachers have found to be successful.

The study is conducted by Dr. Michelle Rogers-Estable and Dr. Roudaina Houjeir. The full results will be published in 2014. Check back for the publication reference.

We welcome new submissions.

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