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Professional Development Planning

Provision of on-going multi-tiered, micro-credentialed, and hyflex PD programs to support continuous improvement of technology enhanced courses.

In management and direction of ed tech and elearning support centers it is critical to plan professional development (PD) and training programs for faculty and staff in the effective usage of instructional technologies, emerging tools, and policy updates (such as ADA compliance). PD programs should be multi-tiered and leveled: 1) pathways of competency completion for all career arcs (Entry, mid-Career, Expert), 2) micro-credentialed to fit into busy faculty schedules, and 3) hyflex, thus offering flexible delivery options and locations. An exemplar program supports continuous improvement of technology enhanced courses.

Since 2010 I have implemented:

  1. Formal training pathways

  2. One-off tech topics

  3. Formal certification programs

  4. Special topics webinars

  5. Podcast shows

  6. Guest speakers

  7. Brown-bag sessions

  8. All-day conference events

  9. Informal discussion groups

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