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AI Image Generators

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

So you always wanted a photo of a girl in a green dress holding her pet pig in front of a castle? Of course you did. Doesn't everyone? And, now you can get it without even having to drag your daughter or her pet pig out to Ireland or Disneyland - you just use an online AI Image Generator (bot).

Here are a few I just created, special for you, by using a popular AI Image generator called Midjourney - yes, yes, in this first one she looks like she is holding a pig's head, and only the head. Remember, it's AI, not human. It can only do so well.

AI Tools

Below are some of my current favorite AI Image Generators to use - with my ranking.

Some are free, and some are not. I am not going to post directions on how to sign up or use any of them as there are already a million online blog posts with that already done for you - just search in Google.

  • Midjourney - basic plan is $8 a month. The quality is top notch. I have compared an image created here to Adobe Firefly, MS Bing and Dall-E2, and this one always had the best image.

    • My personal Tips:

      • Upscale to your homepage: Upscale any image you think you like - so that it appears on your Midjourney homepage. This is easier to find later than having to scroll-and-scroll in the server channels trying to find your images.

      • Heart / Favorite: When you see other people's that you like, favorite them (heart it), so that it's on your favorites list at your Midjourney account - easier to find later, and you can see what parameters they used to get that look.

      • Private Message with Midjourney: Once you have your paid membership, then in the Midjourney Discord server click on the Midjourney user icon (4th column to the very far right of the server page) and 'message' it - this starts a private channel between you and the bot, and you can generate your images there, and it's only your images, so then you don't have to scroll-and-scroll in the server channels trying to find your images.

  • MS Bing - Microsoft jumped on the AI-bandwagon, with their banjo and overalls - and it's a decent image generator, though personally I like Midjourney better:

  • Adobe Firefly - besides being one of the coolest vessel-class spaceships in history (and if you don't know what I am referring to then we can no longer be BFFs), you can also do a lot of specialized changes on these in a very personalized and creative "artist" way. It offers up ideas and categories to try, which can make it easier on the beginner:

  • Dall-E2 - Bing is based on this one.

  • Freepix: This one was hard to make work well, but it has a massive library of creative commons free AI generated images you can search thorugh and use, and you can also make your own, though not at (at least in my opinoin) the qulaity of the above sites, but it's free, so you, you know, you get what you pay for:

Midjourney Image Prompt Ideas:

First off, know the order!

The key to good images is knowing the order in which to put the prompts and parameters - follow this rough and general outline for version 5 of Midjourney:

  1. Subject: First put all the subject details: girl in green dress holding a pig in front of a castle

  2. Surroundings: Second list other details and surroundings: ethereal, sunny day, hyperrealistic, photorealism, detailed facial features

  3. Stylizations: Third put the media type, styles, and art choices: photograph in style of Anne Geddes, vintage photo

  4. Parameters: Fourth and last end with specific parameters: , fuji color film, --ar 16:9f

  • Here is the full prompt and the outcome:

/image small child in duck outfit by tree, ethereal, sunny day, hyperrealistic, photorealism, detailed facial features, photograph, style of Anne Geddes, vintage photo, fuji color film, --ar 16:9

Prompt Ideas

  • Create a new logo for your business:

    • /imagine logo, flat, magnolia tree emblem, kitschy vintage retro simple --no shading detail ornamentation realistic color

  • Create a poster for any book, movie, event, or production - let's try Lord of the Rings.

    • /imagine movie poster for lord of the rings, vintage, consistent colors

  • Create a website design mockup:

    • /imagine photo of macbook M1, modern user interface of plant store, inspired by Behance and Figma and dribbble

  • Create a character design or concept:

    • /imagine purple hair female, ninja, close up character design, multiple concept designs, concept design sheet, white background, style of Hayao Miyazaki

  • Visualize a book character - I did an imp for a dark fantasy novel in this case:

    • /imagine Small black demon imp, sitting on railing, expressive character, dramatic pose, playfully dark, style of sergey musin, eric canete, nightmarish creature

  • Create images for business proposals, fliers and advertising - here is one made for an esports proposal:

    • /imagine close up of esports computer keyboard and mouse with electric lights, hyper realistic, Sony A7R IV camera, Sony 30mm f/ 3. 5 lens


Here are links to a few place I get lots of ideas from:

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